Why Delegate

The delegation of AVAX tokens to a given Validator generates for the Delegator a passive income with reward in AVAX tokens at the end of the delegation staking period.

The choice of the Validator to delegate your AVAX tokens is very important, as the Delegator depends on the Validator's efficiency in keeping the Avalanche network node operating effectively during the staking period.

Before the launch of the Avalanche mainnet, numerous tests were carried out: Denali and Everest, in which I successfully participated. I acquired experience that made me able to create and maintain an Avalanche node.

The Avalanche network validator is the means by which the Delegator will receive AVAX token staking reward, when the same node has a minimum of 2,000 AVAX tokens to be a Validator.

The AVAX Token Delegator will obtain passive income during the staking period, without having to worry about the creation and maintenance of the node that will act in the validation of the Avalanche network transactions.

The Validator, to whom you have delegated your AVAX tokens, will retain a portion of your staking reward per delegation. The percentage of the Validator's reward is specified by the commission rate.

For example, if the Validator sets the commission rate at 2%, the Validator will receive 2% of the staking reward per delegation, so you will receive 90% of the rest of this reward.